Reasons Why You Need an Arch Support for Your Foot

Our foot is the part of our body that gives us the accessibility to roam around anywhere. It is made up of muscles, bones, tendons and other structures that all work together to help you stand and walk. As it is more prone to injuries, any kind of trauma to it can affect the quality of your life and make you feel uncomfortable.

A very common treatment that is suggested by a podiatrist for some foot problems is arch support. This is a support that is inserted inside your shoes. They are called custom orthotics or shoe inserts. However, this will depend on several factors, which can be determined by your podiatrist itself. If you are going through some kind of foot trauma then you can take the help of a podiatrist.

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Here are some signs why you need arch support:

  • Frequent foot pain: When you feel that pain in your foot due to continuous wear of the shoes or walking too much then you need to look for better arch support. For example, conditions like plantar fasciitis can lead to pain in the heel.
  • Flat feet: An arch in the foot is one aspect that gives good support and balance to your foot. So, when it is not pronounced well then you have those pain, stiffness, and immobility in the feet. In such a case, you need arch support.
  • High Arches: This is another condition that causes balance problems or conditions like plantar fasciitis. You may also develop conditions like metatarsalgia and hammertoe. These too can be balanced with arch support.
  • Active lifestyle: This is for people who stand or walk for a longer period of time. This may be due to their occupation where they can develop issues with their arches. Arch support can help you spend more time on the foot.
  • Overweight: Being overweight can lead to conditions that can affect your feet. It can also cause pressure on your extremities that can lead to back pain and problems in other parts of the body. Arch support can provide support to keep you healthy.

Before you choose arch support, you need to identify your arch type:

  • Flat feet: This is related to pronation. The more the person pronates, the flatter the arch is going to be.
  • Normal arch: The middle arch of the foot is slightly raised to provide balance and support. 
  • High arch: It is a genetic condition where the arch is higher than the normal arch.

Depending on your arch type, your podiatrist will determine which arch support you require. You can contact the online stores too for the best custom orthotics or your podiatrist.

Remember after a particular time, your arch will start to collapse due to various activities, weight gain, ligamentous laxity and many more. As we know that our feet tend to lose collagen with ageing and after pregnancy.