Laser Eye Surgeries Attain Difficult breakthroughs using Technology

If you want to get rid of your glasses once and for all, then the laser surgery is the best way to do it. However, the treatment facility was not popular until a few years back, when people started to accept the use of Technology in the healthcare industry. But before undergoing surgery, the eye specialist has to perform a number of tests to check whether you are eligible for the surgery at all.


Evolution of the Technology


The laser surgery for eye is basically a surgical process to treat conditions that interfere with your vision. You can qualify only when you don’t have some of the medical conditions, as the doctor will explain. Also, there can be lifestyle issues that can prevent surgery.


A harmless procedure


As you will continue reading the laser eye surgery reviewsyou will realize that there is almost no risk involved in this procedure. It will rather help you to get over the inconvenience in your vision. The surgeon will simply cut a very thin flap from the cornea to lift the flap and expose the retina. Then the laser light projection will happen at a particular wavelength. The focus will help to treat the poor vision problem.


Latest progress


If you are planning to undergo surgery now, you will be happy to hear that you can experience the use of the latest advancements in the process. You can click here to know what type of advancements happened in the field in the last few years. Some of the improvements include the following:

  1. Flying spot laser beam of 0.95 mm diameter has replaced the broad beam lasers of 6 to 8 mm diameter. It improved the accuracy.
  2. The femtosecond laser has successfully replaced the manual process involved in the flap cutting. It reduced the complications in the intra-ocular region, which may arise due to flap cutting.
  3. Increase in range of refractive surgery. For near-sightedness, the increase is up to -12.50D. for farsightedness, the increase is till +6.75 D. For astigmatism, and the range is -6 .00
  4. Presbyopia is now treatable using the laser.


Breakthrough in correctional procedure


With the help of a new procedure called the refractive lenticular extraction, it is now possible to perform a flapless laser surgery, which will be a kind of keyhole surgery. The impact on the cornea will be less, as it will be possible to preserve the strongest part of the cornea.