Even Smaller Surgical Procedures Can Have A Big Impact

When it comes to body modifications that modern surgery offers, there are pretty much no limits. No matter what kind of imperfection one may have on their body, it can all be solved by a cosmetic surgery. While bigger cosmetic procedures are definitely the ones that are more well known, sometimes a minor change can actually have a much bigger impact than one might expect.


One of the best examples for such a procedure definitely has to be rhinoplasty. That is a cosmetic procedure which revolves around reshaping the nose, and the nose is certainly something that a lot of people are unsatisfied with when it comes to their facial features.

There are some good examples, such as the nose reconstruction before and after from Dr Hodgkinson, where the patient can look quite differently, for the better, when compared to before. The best part about rhinoplasty is that it is possible to foresee results even before the surgery.

That is thanks to a special software that is used today in procedures similar to this one, which allows the patient to basically choose and see how the nose is going to look on them. There are quite a lot of different noses to choose from. It is like editing a custom character in one of the modern video games, quite interesting, isn’t it?

Reshaping your nose will change your looks dramatically

Asian rhinoplasty

While patients who tend to undergo regular rhinoplasty usually tend to make their nose smaller, when it comes to Asian rhinoplasty Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson, things take a slightly different turn. That is because the aim of this surgical procedure is to make the nose more western looking.

That means that the patients want to make their nose a bit pointier, and slightly bigger than it already is. Some years ago, these types of procedures were not that popular, or easy to perform, however, with some new medical techniques, doing this is actually a very simple procedure, especially if it is done by a professional.

Ear reshaping

Another smaller procedure that can have quite a big impact on one’s looks is otoplasty, a procedure which reshapes the ears. The procedure is quite similar to rhinoplasty, but instead of working with the cartilage in the nose, the surgeon will work with the cartilage in the ears, which makes sense.

Similar to the rhinoplasty options, the patient will get to see how their new ears will look on them before the surgery on the computer, and the surgeon will do his best to make the final results identical to the preview the patient was given.

Otoplasty has a big impact on looks

Final Word

Just because the surgery does not involve a major body transformation, such as breast augmentation or liposuction, for example, it does not mean that it will not have a big impact on one’s looks. Smaller surgeries with fantastic results are becoming more popular than ever, and if you happen to have an imperfection you are not satisfied with, you can easily handle it with cosmetic surgery.