car washing

Professional service and timely care are the main activities that car owners must carry out with regularity in order to maintain the appearance, as well as the technical and operational characteristics at the highest level.

Particularly acute question for car owners is a maintaining the car appearance after painting. With proper care, a good look, strength and paint gloss will remain for a very long time. It is worth noting that competent car care is a complex of activities that must be carried out by all car owners. Here you can highlight the timely washing and surface treatment with special paste. In case of color defects, these areas should be subjected to additional grinding.

Before starting to wash the machine, make sure that all doors, windows, trunk and sunroof are tightly closed. Otherwise, water may enter the passenger compartment. In addition, it must be ensured that water does not fall under the hood and does not damage the electrical equipment.

It is best to wash the car immediately after contamination. If dried dirt has formed on the body, then it should be soaked with a thin stream of water. In no case you should scrub or scrape off the dirt, as this will lead to scratches, cracks or nicks. As a result, the appearance of the car will be very badly damaged.

To wash a painted car, it is best to use a hose through which a thin stream of slightly warm or cold water is supplied. Thus, it is possible to permanently preserve the paint in integrity.

It is worth noting that hot water also has a negative effect on the paint layer.

If after washing a little silt remains on the body, then you can remove it with a soft sponge, abundantly pouring water on the places of contamination. Otherwise, there will be ugly gray spots on the car after drying.


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