What Are The Changes That Are Visible Due To Alcoholism?

Alcoholism leads to several changes in the physical as well as the mental status of any affected individual. The addicted person might not even know what kind of difficulty is faced by him/her. They will realize only when the symptoms get worsen. Physical appearance will be affected severely when a person is addicted to alcohol. Even when the person quits from the alcohol abuse, he might be affected with the withdrawal syndrome and there will be changes in the physical appearance too.

Behavioral Changes

A person who is addicted to alcoholism will show behavioral changes as the central nervous system is affected and leads to mental illness such as mood swing, loss of thinking capacity, etc…following are the common behavioral changes of alcoholism.

  • Loss of control
  • Risk-Taking
  • Give priority to drinking
  • Unaware of the responsibilities
  • Unusual activities
  • Continuing to drink even when the conditions worsen

Physical Changes

Along with the mental stability, the physical look of the alcohol-addicted person is affected to a greater extent. Not only the inner organs are affected by the use of alcohol but, the skin and the nails, and even the hair also get affected as a result of alcoholism.

Some of the facial signs of alcoholism include –

  • Bloodshot red eyes
  • Itching of the palms and hands that results in reddening
  • Change in the weight of the body either by gaining or losing it.
  • Flushed appearance

The addicted person must consult an experienced medical practitioner to come out of alcoholism. Depending on the age factor and other issues, the person either can be admitted to the hospital or even the treatment can be taken from the home. 

Medications and counseling will be provided when the person is admitted to the rehab centers and advised to perform the follow-up process. The co-operation of the addicted person is essential to quit alcoholism. Proper care will be taken by the rehab centers and helps the affected person in leading a normal life.