Senior Residence: Advantages And Disadvantages

Of course, there are various advantages and disadvantages to a senior residence, all of which you should keep in mind before you make a decision. Auxiliatus has collected and processed the most important aspects for you:

Advantages Of The Senior Residence

  • High-quality private rooms, be they rooms or apartments
  • A lot of comfort thanks to correspondingly extensive additional offers such as a restaurant, park, swimming pool or sauna
  • Hotel-like character with a lot of comfort and luxury
  • Demand-oriented living spaces that are well equipped for immediate and later needs
  • Care services that are adapted to the resident’s need for care
  • Additional amenities favor moving in even before existing care needs
  • Possibility of exchange with other residents

Disadvantages Of The Senior Residence

  • A retirement home is likely to be significantly more expensive than most, if not all, of the alternatives
  • Regular contact with other residents, which can sometimes be a disadvantage
  • Despite good equipment, the living situation is less individually adapted than in your own home
  • It may be that there is no space available, especially in facilities that are particularly in demand
  • The quality can vary depending on the residential complex
  • Sometimes a geographical distance to relatives has to be accepted

Senior Residence: Overview Of Costs

As in almost all other inpatient care facilities, the price for senior citizen residences varies from facility to facility. Basically, however, you have to expect higher costs compared to almost all other forms of living. How high these are depends on the individual situation. Many circumstances play a role here, the following factors can have an impact:

  • Equipment and size of the room or accommodation, more precisely the costs for accommodation, which are also included in the so-called hotel costs
  • Meals, which are also recorded under the generic term of hotel costs
  • Additional services such as room service, hairdresser, etc.
  • Costs for care or the nursing service
  • Investment costs
  • Monthly budget for smaller expenses, like magazines, snacks, etc., as well as bigger expenses, like going to concerts or trips