Is sex change considered ethical now days?

Many people refer sex change as playing with god or nature. It is true to some extent that sex change may be unethical for some people. People desiring to change their sex regret after the surgery and some of them even apply for sex reversal. Sex change is considered an unethical practice now days. This is because you are trying to change something which is god gifted and is meant for you. There are several consequences of sex change which a lot of people are facing. This includes rejection from the society, family members and friends.

Preparation and diagnosis for sex change:

Sex change should be performed with extreme care and precaution. Gender identity is considered as a major feature of a human body. Gender change should be performed in the initial stages when the child is born as in the later stages it may get complicated. It is very difficult for people to adjust and manage their new identity which may bring severe consequences to them. The person should be mentally prepare for the changes or else he would not able to live fully. Doctors on the other hand should make sure that patient is fit to undergo surgery. Experts usually recommend to go through hormone therapy or minor sex change before moving on towards sex change surgery. If we talk about the expenses of sex change surgeries then they are quite expensive as they can reach up to $50000.

What happens before the surgical procedure?

Before you move on to the surgery, the doctor usually conducts your health test to evaluate your condition. The doctors analyses your reports and documents before moving on to sex change surgery. You would be observe by the team of experts and professionals to make sure that you are ready for the treatment. You would also be informed about the risks and complications associated with the surgery. Moreover, the doctors will inform you what you can expect after the surgery and how to take care of that.