How Does an Emergency Dentist Manage a Broken Tooth?

Have you ever had a broken tooth? Why did your tooth get broken? There are different reasons to break your teeth, so you must be careful while eating or biting other foods and objects. A broken tooth will cause painful and scary experiences in your life. You may break your tooth during your sport time or fall stairs and break your tooth. A dentist at a dental emergency in Toronto says that, however, a broken tooth is tough to tolerate; you can treat or fix your tooth’s issue with the help of an emergency dentist. Biting some hard foods may break your teeth; a fractured tooth requires immediate dental care and attention. Choose an urgent dentist for these unforeseen issues. Your chosen urgent dentist will prevent future dental damage. They can reduce your dental pain too. Be careful about finding an excellent critical dental expert who can offer the most effective and immediate dental treatment.

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How Can an Emergency Dentist Treat Broken Tooth? 

The first and most crucial step in treating a broken tooth is evaluating the severity of dental damage. The chosen emergency dentist must evaluate your teeth to find the best treatment for your broken tooth.

Dental examinations are the best way to find the most effective way to treat a broken tooth or manage its outcome pain. Urgent dentists will use X-rays to decide on dental treatment. 

Dentists can discover the level and stage of a dental break along with the damage to the tooth’s root and your oral tissue. After this evaluation, the dentist can make a dental treatment plan for you as an individual patient. 

Note that each patient will need their own requirements and dental treatment after breaking the tooth. If your broken tooth is not challenging, dentists can repair it quickly via dental bonding or dental filling. 

Emergency Dentist Repairs Your Broken Tooth 

As we said in the last part, an urgent dentist will remove the damaged parts from your broken teeth. They also remove the decayed tooth sections to treat your broken tooth immediately.

The best method to repair a broken tooth is to fill the blank section with resin, which has the exact color of natural teeth. This filling is the same as a natural tooth, so your broken tooth will quickly look like your natural one. 

dental emergency in Toronto

Urgent dental doctors mold and shape the resin to restore your broken tooth and provide an artificial part with a natural tooth appearance.

Don’t worry, the made resin looks the same as your natural tooth, and its functionality is the same as your natural tooth. Examining the severity level of your broken tooth’s damage is essential. 

Emergency dental doctors can check out your dental nerve and then try to repair your broken tooth. It is also helpful to perform the root canal process. 

As you may know, the dentist will remove the damaged and infected dental or oral tissue from your root canal and then fill the broken part with unique dental material. 

This root canal therapy process will prevent any future dental infection or damage.