How diverse is a lap band from gastric sleeve

Both lap band and gastric sleeve have emerged as the successful weight loss surgery. Most individuals do not know in detail about the nature of both the processes. The aim of both surgeries is the same. There are various things that make them unlike each other. Hit upon the top Tijuana gastric sleeve surgery if you are a fitting candidate.

For a couple of decades, obesity has been observed as an epidemic disease in the whole world. The medical experts have revealed that it has been tough for them to intenda valuable treatment for obese individuals until the invention of bariatric surgery.Beforechoosing any bariatric surgery, knowingwhat is the difference between lap-band and gastric sleeve is imperative.

Gastric sleeve vs lap band

  1. Gastric sleeve surgery

A laparoscope is used to performTijuana gastric sleeve surgery. It is an irreversible bariatric surgery. About 80 percent of the patient’s tummy is taken out in the surgery. The rest of the stomach is shaped into a tube-like structure. In the end, the patient is left with a small stomach. With the tiny tummy, food consumption would be less. Loads of hormonal changes can take place in the body of the patient after gastric sleeve. Most patients who experience this type of surgery lose more than 60 percent of their entire weight. Adding lifestyle and dietary changes, more and more weight can be reduced after some years of the surgery. To qualify for gastric sleeve surgery, the person should have a body mass index of more than 40. The person will be seen as a suitable candidate for the surgery if he/she is having a BMI of 30 along with obesity-related problems such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.

  • Lap band surgery

The least persistent weight loss surgery alternative is the lap band surgery. The surgeon forms small cuts in the abdomen during the surgery. After making the cuts, a silicone ring with a flexibleballoon is put inside. With the perfect placement of the balloon, it will form a tiny stomach pouch, which would make the patient feel fuller even if it eats a minimal quantity of food. Like the gastric sleeve, lap band surgery is also performed with a laparoscope.


That is all in this report that shows the difference between lap-band and gastric sleeve. If you have taken advice from a medical practitioner about the two procedures, go for the ideal one.