Ensuring the HIV Test That You Need to be Sure About

First of all, you need to contact the center for combating infectious diseases (“AIDS center”) in your city. There, doctors will conduct an additional examination to find out about the state of the immune system. With certain immunity indicators, treatment is prescribed immediately; in other cases, it may take several years before antiretroviral therapy is started. Although already this year, the World Health Organization announced that it recommends prescribing treatment regardless of immunity indicators.

Discuss the Issues with Doctor

For emotional support, you can go to a peer counselor someone who has been living with HIV for some time and has counseling skills or go to a self-help group meeting. The opportunity to communicate with people who have already passed the crisis of acceptance of the diagnosis helps to overcome fear and isolation, and to start to relate to some things easier. Health organization hosts self-help group meetings for HIV-positive women. The girls discuss the relationship with the doctor, talk about the experiences associated with starting antiretroviral therapy, and share their experience of discussing status with a partner. Network includes equal consultants from different regions of the country, so always try to find one with whom you can discuss your status for a person in extreme cases, it can be an online consultant. In addition, there are many sites and groups on social networks for people living with HIV: in some they discuss treatment, in others they get to know each other, and in others they come up with joint leisure activities. For the proper sti test this is essential.

It Is Important To Talk To Young People about HIV

If you do not talk about how to protect your sexual and reproductive health now, do not form the habit of having protected sex, undergo regular testing (not only for HIV), then tomorrow it may be too late. By the way, testing has long been considered as a measure of HIV prevention. A person who knows his status will think more about protecting a partner. And if he is still taking antiretroviral treatment and has a suppressed viral load, then even in the event of an emergency with a condom, the probability of infecting a partner is almost zero.

Why HIV and Its Prevention

Testing young people before the wedding was presented in some media, of course, directly refers to the so-called traditional values. Naturally, such headlines in the media about forced testing before marriage look a little threatening, because the vast majority of people engage in sexual relations long before marriage. And then immediately about compulsory testing, and references to the norms when a couple should not have sex before marriage.

The Main Symptoms

Of course, the best way to identify a problem, or lack thereof, is with an HIV diagnosis. But what reasons can a person leading a healthy lifestyle have to go and check themselves for the fact of infection? Naturally, such an initiative must be justified by something. Therefore, it is important to know what symptoms may indicate destructive processes that suppress the immune system. It is unlikely that it will be possible to detect the stage of incubation of the virus without a blood test, since the body at this time still does not react to hostile elements.